Speed limit is 10 km/h  at all times

  1. Do not disturb your neighbours,close your radio .
  2. Keep your site clean.
  3. Respect the environment,do not cut trees,no branches can be pick-up.
  4. You can buy some wood at the office until 9:00 pm.
  5. Please do not put nails in to the trees. Use ropes 
  6. No ATVs allowed our similar vehicles on the campground.
  7. Campfires whent permits are allowed at designated areas an they are moderate. Please put out your fire,to prevent forest fire.Every time you go a way Tank You.
  8. Garbage and recycle must be disposed of, in container at the left of the office.
  9. Whent it is possible, you may install one  tent, one kitchenette an one car per site, the direction can juge if the installation is souhaitable or not. Second car, in visitor parks near buy the office.Cost 2,50 $ per day.
  10. Since whe add so many complaints in summer 2004, dogs are now forbidden.
  11. Curfew at 11:00 08:00 a.m. No noise,our music must be ear, but you can stay awake.
  12. Check out time is 1:00 pm. Check in time 09:00 pm
  13. At the lake ther is no lifeguard, swimming is prohibited . Minors child must be whit a adult. Alcoholic beverages and glass recipients are forbidden at the beach.
  14. Parents are always responsable of their chidren that are whit them. Minor children are never left alone at the campground.
  15. The direction is not responsable for any injuries, stolen or lost goods that occur on the campsite.We are not responsable for dammage caused by any loss of electricity,bad weather conditions, flooding, falling trees or by any actions of rentors or visitors.
  16. Signing of the contract means agreeing to all of the above rules.
  17. Reservation: a depot of 50% of the total amount is required. Not repayable. 
What the direction want, is to say welcome back an not to trow you out!!  but if we have to do it for the well-being  of the other camper, we will, an whit out repayable.The Le Brun family wish you a good season in are Domaine, an thank you to encourage us by your presence.
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